Goed gedaan allemaal!

26 mei j.l. hebben 5 leden van 2 verschillende scholen deelgenomen aan het centrale Danexamen van de All Tangsoodo Organization. Plaats van handeling was dit keer de Dojang van Innae.

Het was erg warm deze dag en dat was extra pittig voor de deelnemers.

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Cursus instructeur 2018

instructorscourseIn het najaar organiseert de ATO opnieuw een zeer boeiende 4-daagse instructeurscursus. Tijdens interactieve sessies waarbij creatieve werkvormen worden gebruikt leer je alles over wat er nodig is om een goede instructeur te zijn. Naast theoretische kennis leer je nieuwe vaardigheden die je veelvuldig oefent. Lees gauw verder voor meer informatie en een impressie van de vorige cursus. Continue reading

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Brussels Tournament


On Saturday, March 24, the Euro Tang Soo Do / Soo Bahk Do Tournament was held in Brussels for the 28th time. Countries like England, Italy, Greece, Belgium and of course the Netherlands participated in this event.
The morning started with lessons from various Sabum Nims. SBN Jan van der Schee, SBN Jan Timmers and SBN John Correljé also contributed to this. Continue reading

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A Great Weekend!

WEEKENDDENMARK2018On Saturday, March 10, the ATO participated in the tournament organized by the Danish Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Organization. This organization is led by Master Erik Kristensen. With 14 people the Dutch delegation had traveled to Vejle. On Friday night there was a joint dinner at a steak house. There we met our host together with his wife and daughter. It was a good time to catch up. Continue reading

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Thank you all!

The ATO would like to thank everyone who participated and / or contributed to our Friendship tournament. Thanks to your support, the event was very successful! We can not say it enough. Cooperation and support makes us strong and makes us grow. We strongly believe this is the future of Tang Soo Do in the Netherlands and worldwide.


It is not about us as leaders of our organizations. Let’s do it for our members. They must meet and share their passion. That is what matters!

See the first pictures of this great day!

We are pleased to announce that the date for the next edition of our tournament is
Saturday November 10, 2018 

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