Geen strandtraining dit jaar…

Als gevolg van de beperkende corona maatregelen is er dit jaar helaas geen strandtraining. De ATO ziet geen mogelijkheid om met in acht neming van de geldende regels de training op een verantwoorde en veilige manier te organiseren.

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Omdat de meeste scholen weer begonnen zijn met buiten trainen heeft de ATO besloten de live stream te stoppen. Wel houden we de live stream als backup mocht er een periode van slecht weer aan breken waardoor buiten trainen niet mogelijk is.

De ATO wil degenen die de afgelopen periode de live stream hebben verzorgt hartelijk danken voor hun inzet en enthousiasme!!

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A Great Start!!

Today was the 1st meeting of 2020 of our team. Together we evaluated 2019, came up with improvements and then compiled the agenda. It was an inspiring meeting and it promised to be a super cool Tang Soo Do year again. Take a look at the events to see what is about to happen. We are looking forward to it. TANG SOO !!

Vandaag was de 1e bijeenkomst van 2020 van ons kader. We hebben samen 2019 geëvalueerd, verbeteringen bedacht en vervolgens de agenda samengesteld. Het was een inspirerende meeting en het beloofd weer een super gaaf Tang Soo Do jaar te worden. Kijk snel bij de events wat er allemaal staat te gebeuren. Wij hebben er zin in. TANG SOO!!

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Open European International Friendship Tournament 2019

Dear Kwan Jang Nim, Sabom Nim, Kyosa Nim and school owners,

On Saturday November 9th, the ATO Netherlands will organize the Open European International Friendship Tournament.

We appreciate your presence – together with your students – on this day very much!
We hope again for a large number of participants from different organizations from home and abroad.

The ATO stands for sporting cooperation and supporting each other to make our martial arts grow. Our primary goal is to bring people together with the same passion for our martial arts. The participants will compete with each other in the various competitions on this day. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and to catch up with old friends.

We have the following competitions:

One event € 12,00
Two events € 19,00
Three events € 24,00
All events € 31,00 (inclusive €4,00 for 2 boards)

NEW THIS YEAR: If you sign up for the breaking competition you will get 2 wooden breaking boards as standard. € 4,00 has already included in the price for breaking.
Do you want to break more boards? Then you have to bring it yourself or buy it on the day of the tournament. Pay attention!! We have a limited number of boards extra available for sale.
See the tournament rules for the wood sizes (adult/youth).

(Registration on tournament day)


Pay attention:
Signing up after 1 November costs € 5.00 extra and participation is only final after approval of the competition committee.

Tournament location:
Dorphuis Swanla
Burgemeester Klinkhamerweg 86
2761 BJ Zevenhuizen

ATTENTION >> Please do not forget to fill in your referees on the Entry form. Thanks in advance!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

We look forward to your arrival with great interest.

KJN Jan van der Schee
Chairman All Tangsoodo Netherlands

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